Steve E. Jarmon, Esquire

JarmonSteve E. Jarmon is the founder of Jarmon Legal and has spent his entire legal career practicing Criminal Law in Chester County, PA and the Greater Philadelphia Area. His primary focus in defending the rights of his clients is to provide open, honest and straightforward legal representation. He is sincerely proud of his dedication to his clients and his reputation in the legal community is unparalleled.

Steve has unique experience as a criminal defense attorney because he has worked on both sides of the courtroom. Before he moved into criminal defense, Steve worked as a prosecutor for the Chester County District Attorney’s Office. He began working with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office as a Certified Legal Intern while he was in law school. In this position he prosecuted hundreds of DUI cases and other misdemeanor and felony criminal cases at the preliminary hearing level. After he graduated from law school and passed the bar exam, Steve continued to work for the Chester County District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant District Attorney where he successfully tried numerous misdemeanor and felony cases involving DUIs, Drug Possession and Drug Delivery , Theft, Simple and Aggravated Assault and Burglary.

After years working with the Chester County District Attorney’s Office and gaining invaluable experience from working closely with local judges and law enforcement, Steve joined a small but highly successful Chester County firm in West Chester. In this position, Steve managed the criminal defense division and was the firm’s primary criminal trial attorney. He defended many cases ranging from low-level summary offenses such as Under Age Drinking to the most serious of felony cases including Homicide and Rape.

With his invaluable experience, Steve decided to branch out on his own and founded Jarmon Legal. In his own practice he continues to aggressively fight for the rights of the accused. He is dedicated to giving his clients a second chance when they have made mistakes and is determined to fight for their innocence when they have been wrongfully accused. Founding his own firm has allowed Steve to provide the type of services to his clients that he is proud of: Open, Honest and Straightforward legal representation.